Get a kiln to 1200-1400 ˚C, put your ceramic tile molds in it, and you will reach the perfect gres porcelain tile result, a very strong material full of properties. This tile is a non-porous, vitrified and completely water-proof hardware, that can be used in any types of space.


There are four main properties of gres porcelain that make it the perfect decorative option:

The compactness makes gres porcelain resistent to anything such as climate, impacts, scratches, withouth getting modified or ruined;

Hard and high density
Similar to the compactness, the hard and high density of the tyle makes it sturdy, and most of all easy to install and apply to any surfaces;

Gres porcelain tiles come in any colours and looks, so they can fit any sort of style;

Being completely water-proof, these tiles can be used for any purpose, but moslty being a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, patios, and all the
other places exposed to bodies of water.


Since its first use, this type of tile has been appreciated and praised for so many reasons.
At Ceramicsgres LTD we support all these reasons with the best gres porcelain tiles, and if you're not convinced enough, here's a list of the main points you should be aware of when chosing materials for the spaces you are creating:

You don't have to worry about changing your floors or walls in the long-time with these tiles, as their sturdiness is a garancy of durability for a very long time;

Resistance to Climate
Either outside in the garden or as part of your shower floor, any sort of climate or element woukld never ruin your gres porcelain tiles, thanks to their non-porous and hard features;

Low Mantainance
It's very easy to take care of your house if gres porcelain tiles are part of it, as they are hygienic and easy to clean, leading to a very simple cleaning routine;

Easy to Install
Even if you are a DIY person, installing these products is very easy and straight-foward. The gres porcelain adapts to its glue and attaches very easily to the floors or the walls.


If you are not convinced yet, check out the video below and have a look at our products in the shop.